I thought it would be nice on this page to explain a bit about myself and what’s lead me onto this path. The last quarter of 2017 was quite traumatic and has completely changed my perspective on life. So I decided to make a few changes to my circumstances. On the 28th December 2017, I made a brief plan of countries, cities and interesting places I want to visit. I had it set that I would travel through Morocco, hop on a plane to Egypt see the pyramids and then fly over to India to stay for a couple of months. I picked a random date in the summer, saw a flight for £50 and booked it.

Back in 2009 when I got back from Australia earlier than originally planned, I did nothing but think about being back on the road. Part of me knew I had to crack on with life and get a few things under my belt. Nine years on and I had handed my notice in, it felt like a gamble I can’t lie, but I knew that I needed to enter a new chapter.

With the days counting down to leaving, a hell of a lot of filming for a new project and organising to be done for my trip. How had this happened? I’m sure I was all set like a week ago?

My plans had now nestled quite firmly, I had researched an English woman from Sheffield who has set up an ‘Eco Village’ in Sidi el Yamani, Asilah, Morocoo. Instead of rushing my way through countries, I would now volunteer my filming and photography skills in exchange for accommodation and recommendation.  Mainly just jump from opportunity to opportunity taking my time and making a difference where I can – s o the brief plan had changed a little..

T-minus 8 days. One message received. James Copson says “Hello mate! Me an James have pushed the big green button on the film. No funding yet but we are going. We would like to ‘formally’ invite you to come. We can cover your flights. We need a driver and sound op and photography and general help so …”

Whoa, holy shit, can’t even say I read the end of that text. James is directing a documentary on four British Cancer Survivalists competing in this years R.A.A.M. – Race across America. This would change my plans massively, but can you actually pass up an opportunity like that?

The last two days I spent house bound after selling my car, editing and finalising all the videos shot for Roar Sessions at White Bear Studios. Then I left for my journey.