From Sidi El Yamani to Asilah

From Sidi El Yamani to Asilah

Sidi El Yamani formally known as Tnine Sidi L’Yamani, is a village built from its famous Souk (market) that takes over the town. Every Monday the town turns into a ‘super market’ where every street, square and passage way is filled with stalls from locals and residents from nearby towns selling everything – and thats not an over exaggeration!

To get from the eco village to Asilah your best bet is to catch the local mini bus, for a mere 5dhm (about 50p). The mini buses are an experience in themselves, but a good way to get on the same level as the locals and immerse yourself in the culture! After a bouncy journey which stops probably more times than your going to expect you’ll arrive opposite a shell garage, and probably a little bit shell-shocked after the journey you’ve just been on. Bet you didn’t expect that old guy to start slapping the kids head for misbehaving – or did that just happen to me on my first ride?

Asilah is quite a big town, with a really nice castle walled Medina. The Medina got a face lift recently and all the buildings have been freshly painted in white and blue giving them – in my opinion – a bit of a Greek/European look and feel. This is because the majority of properties inside are now owned by rich Europeans who travel over once a year for a little get away (or so the rumour has it). This kind of ruins the classic hustle and bustle of Moroccan Medinas as the majority of time the streets are empty and occupied with more touristy style souks, selling you rugs for way more than you could pick one up in lets say the souks of Sidi El Yamini, a more untouched town! However, I liked the tranquility of the streets and the cleanliness compared to other places, basically I’m saying it makes for pretty images!

The beach just north of the town is really nice and if you’ve got spare time whilst you’re in Asilah you’ll probably find yourself lounging around with an entire beach to yourself – not a bad way to spend a holiday!

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