Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Just going to put this out there from the start, the beach is actually called Paradise Beach, I’m not just giving it that name!! 

So myself and two other volunteers at the Eco Village set out on our day off to visit Paradise Beach. We caught the minibus from Sidi to Exlabesa, a common route to where you can also find another Souk that Linsey visits sometimes if she needs to! From there it’s another 3 to 4KM walk down a track road which via’s off the R415, the first right hand turn thats not leading up to someones house and just past the market area on the left. If you’re following google maps to the beach, put it in satellite mode, it helps a fair bit! There could possible be an easier way to get there however further down the R415, but if you’re walking you’d be better sticking to the route we’d been told. 

Approaching the beach can leave you pretty breathless. After visiting Sidi and Asilah it’s easy to think that everywhere local is quite run down, but that’s just how Moroccans live, there’s no rush with things! Paradise beach will open your mind to the potential of what Morocco can offer. The beach is absolutely stunning, a light golden sand stretching over 2km with a twisting riptide giving big and menacing waves. 

After spending a few hours getting burnt and taking pictures we took the hike up north to Asilah along the coast line. At points it’s easy to think your trespassing, but I promise you you’re not! And once you start to enter Asilah you’ll see a real side of the town, where the Moroccans live and work – and build!

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