Shooting Assilah Eco Village

Shooting Assilah Eco Village

As part of my workaway I was assigned to do a photoshoot of all the finished properties ready for rental. Currently the eco village consists of 4 finished buildings. The main house in which is Linsey’s home, this is currently being used as a hub for cooking and eating, storing tools, bathing and lounging. Linsey’s plan is future proof though, she’s not going to be having people using this area forever! She has begun the final build which will house all of the amenities for the volunteers and guests; a lounge, a hammam (Moroccan Baths), tool shed, washing and drying facilities and a kitchen.

Anyway getting a bit side tracked there, the second property is the Boat House / English House – not sure what it is being called as Linsey insisted it was called the English house however every time she referred to it, by default she’d call it the Boat House.. The building was designed and built by an English lad, Jack Drinkwater, who put together a spectacular build using parts from a wrecked boat that Linsey had managed to acquire for next to no money at all! The house is built using an A-frame and has a ground and first story floor. The 1st floor has just enough room to fit a double bed and a gorgeous little window, with a view to kill. Whilst the ground floor hosts a spacious living area, stove and a neat little kitchen with brew station, sink and space to prepare snacks!

The Rainbow house hosts the volunteers, and space for back packers who book the space through hostel world (yet to be added to the site but in the process of..). Built by multiple groups of volunteers, the rainbow house is the only property to have a recycled tin roof which was bought by chance at the local souk. The glass of the door and windows are tinted multiple colours, hence the name Rainbow House. The doors and window frames have been bought second hand again from local souks.

The Cable house has been constructed using an old industrial sized cable reel, and is a long, short and narrow tunnel, from the outside giving an illusion that its really small but once inside you begin to realise how much you can actually fit in! The cable house can sleep up to 4 people with room for storage, but more comfortable sleeps 2 which then offers the guests with their own lounge area.

There is an extra building which is on the brink of completion but has been put on the back burner due to minimal funding and the need of electrical and plumbing installation. I didn’t shoot this house as well, there was no need to just yet!