The Souks of Sidi el Yamini

The Souks of Sidi el Yamini

Once a week on a Monday, Linsey does her weekly shop. This is up the track road from the Assilah Eco Village in the village of Sidi el Yamini. As mentioned in an earlier town its crazy, because the entire village is made up into a market, each corner filled with all different kinds of treasures. It’s practically the biggest supermarket you’ve seen, haha! Ok, maybe not the biggest but definitely up there.

So we took the ‘Motorking’ up the beaten track to the village and landed in the centre of the market. The souks are bustling with noises, goats shouting, people shouting, engines churning away and it’s really surreal at first. If you’re visiting a place like this and haven’t become accustomed to the culture then this will probably shock it into your system. I didn’t have any need to buy anything so Iactually just help out Lindsey carry her shop and took a few pictures when I got the chance.

The one guy who stood out to me the most was Lindsey’s mint dealer, he’d be sat in and amongst his crops, having every herb under the sun available for sale. He’s got one of those faces that can tell a million stories, and he’s about the only person in the markets who can kind of understand English.

Lindsey’s got a really nice routine set up, whereby she’s dots around with her trolly and buys things until its full, then takes it to her friend who stores all her stuff whilst she goes back around and gets another round of shopping. She does this 3 or 4 times, depending on what necessities she needs, and when its full, her friend wheels it over to the Motorking and back we go to the Eco Village.